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Blunt Wound Trauma:
Micky McGuinness

ISBN 978 1 907015 00 7

Published 09/02/2009


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A collection of 10 short stories which range from the fast paced and brutal Harvest which careers its way across Europe; to the more thoughtful and reflective The Jad which deals with growing up on Tyneside. Feral deals with the clash between modern urban youth and someone who tried to live their dream and extend their youth into adulthood. Scorpio is a tale of revenge which won Red Bubble Short Stories - Spherical Scriptings writing groups Zodiac 13 competition. Mariella is a short sequel to Harvest which hints at a new life for Mariella outside of her life of drudgery. Kerfuffle is a short fast paced story of obsession and love. Bastille Day is a humorous tale which will strike a chord with anyone who is doomed to the penal servitude of the school run! Colin is a short tale which will leave you guessing to the very last moment; while Night Shift is look at the seedy underbelly of life in a low rent Belgian night club. The book wraps up with the short and brutal Deadline.


"Drawing on his years in the gritty DIY punk scene, & dredging up universal memories of bleak, grey childhoods, Micky McGuinness has penned a deliciously grim and nihilistic collection of hard-nosed crime fiction, peopled with the sort of realistically nasty characters we might all have grown up with living next door to us... shining a light into the darkest recesses of the subconcious where REVENGE is king, this is an impressively memorable body of believable work that will stay with you long after the last bloody act of retribution has splattered the final page..." --Ian Glasper author of Burning Britain & The Day The Country Died.