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Gibboncore publishing is a new and exciting independent publisher seeking to bring you the best in new and exciting fiction from around the world.

Our first release was a collection of short stories by Micky McGuinness called Blunt Wound Trauma which was published on the 9th of February 2009.

Micky has previously seen service in a wide and varied range of bands such as The Blood Robots, Generic, Anything But That, One By One, Ebola, and currently Jinn. Like his musical style; his writing is style is fast and furious with stories that carry the reader along to the gripping conclusion.

Micky's style is gritty fiction; he's read a lot of Bukowski, Camus, Thompson, Hassel and Dickens, and, aside from spending the last 28 years playing in a range of underground bands, he's spent the last 20 years working at the pointy end of social rented housing: So let's just say he's seen quite a bit of life! He draws from all of these references in his writing; so this book is a must for anyone who has been involved in the underground hardcore, punk, or metal scenes, who has an interest in life on the road, touring bands, or the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people.

Micky was interviewed in Ian Glapser's book The Day the Country Died and in his forthcoming UKHC book; Micky also hosts the Twisted Tales writing group at Red Bubble, and has a young family.

Does he sleep? Were not sure!


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